Technical Indicator:

◆   The iron-based alloy plated layer bond the metal matrix to a whole, the normal strength of extension could reach 460±11MPa;

◆  Gained nanocrystalline alloy plated layer, and the crystal dimension is the 1/2-1/3 of the pure iron plated layer, and the alloy metal content is in 5%~8%, and the wear-resisting property and the adhesive behavior are increased more than 40% than the pure iron plated layer;

◆  The deposited speed is 0.3mm/h~0.5mm/h, and about 7mm thickness plated layer could be obtained once, and it even could redeposit on the plated layer till gain the wanted thickness.

◆  Adopting pre-set stress method to deal with stress concentrate surface before plating, and this method could enhance the fatigue strength of the basis material with about 17.4%;

◆  The rate of once success of plating could reach at 98%, which could ensure the quality and reliability of the remanufactured crankshafts and such parts;

◆  Using this technology to remanufacture the crankshaft and such parts, the final technical performance index wouldn’t be lower than the new ones, and the same time, it could save about 80% cost, 85% energy and 95% materials separately.

Journal before remanufacture
Journal after remanufactured